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As an innovative solution partner, Starlight provides a range of glass wall systems, frame solutions, door systems and all related accessories as well as technical design assistance to transform your spaces to dynamically functional environments with a touch of crystal-clear privacy at affordable prices.


With over fifty years of combined experience in design, construction, manufacturing, and project management, Starlight offers contemporary and aesthetic solutions with Starlight Glass Wall Systems to clients across three continents. Starlight brings turnkey expertise and delivers the best solution with an enthusiastic team of professionals.

Keeping up with the changes in office space requirements can become a major challenge to juggle cost, functionality, and aesthetics. Whether you are looking for sound privacy, cost effectiveness, visual privacy, or flexibility, Starlight can help you achieve your goals.


We understand businesses have different budget, and design considerations. Designed to address the needs of multi-functional and collaborative workspaces and improve business productivity, Starlight systems incorporate a broad range of glass and finish options with the flexibility to integrate custom specifications.  Starlight systems will give you the design freedom to refine your interior spaces with the look, feel, and function of European design elements while maintaining a spacious visual aspect within budget. We are dedicated to working with architects, contractors, and interior designers to create the custom solutions for changing space requirements.


We understand construction work is a time-critical complex process, which is why we adapt our installation methods to project schedule and site conditions. With locally stored products that can be delivered fully assembled, partially assembled or assembly ready, - we offer ways to manage installation time. This capability enables Starlight to respond with local lead-times to install, modify, or maintain your interior spaces.



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We are committed to serving you long-term


We apply project management principles from design through completion


We offer product diversity for different budgets and schedules


We customize solutions to your design needs


We provide locally stored products, including glass and hardware,

that lower shipping costs and reduce lead-times

defıne, refıne, optımıze and transform your space wıth starlıght

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