Versatile and modern, semi-automatic or manual Biforis system is the irresistible choice for flexible space requirements. It is the elegant way to divide interior space and can be folded and put away as needed.




One-way opening with door closer on Wing; two-way opening with encased door closer or encased pivot spindle.



Sliding movable panels are connected to each other when the system switched off and locked to the floor.



One way opening with door closer on Wing or double Wings two way opening with encased door closer.



One way single Wing opening with door closer OF WING


• Sliding panels in the system can be used single or double "openable Wings".

· With activating hydraulic door closer by fixing Wing-slider connection on the top of door, door can be used as a service door.

· Panel-slider connection lock in sliding and openable Wing can be easily opened and closed through rotating handle.

· Thanks to special runner section and pulley system, panels can move silently, softly and firmly.

· All movable parts are made of stainless steel.

· Via buffers in the edge of plinth, gaps in minimum sizes are created between glass panels with plinth.

· Transparent wicks can be settled into gaps remained during combination of glass to glass panels according to needs.

· Ral or eloxal colors can be applied to apparent metal parts.

· Thanks to brush settled on panel-runner margers, insulation and aesthetic appearance can be provided

· Panels move completely by holding runner system from the top and there is no channel or threshold in the ground.

· Sliding panels are fixed to ground and each other with sliding lock.

· With encased key with barrel to openable Wing panels, security increases

System Features


  • Demountable and  movable
  • Easy to use with minimum effort
  • Extruded anodized aluminum frame with finish options
  • No floor track
  • Up to 13 mm laminated or tempered glass
  • Up to 12’ tall partitions
  • X” leveling tolerance
  • Sound insulation values up to 42 STC

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